Tumblrvengers: Earth’s Mightiest Bloggers

I just wanted to make a separate post for this.

(inspired by dontdontdo post)

Captain Reblog: he’s steadfast in his beliefs and not afraid to let others know what he likes by his reblogs and his comments

Iron Likes: he’s basically chill with everything, but can’t form a commitment to the things he likes enough to reblog them so only goes halfway by liking

Thagger: tags are the perfect place for him to make jokes about the post and not have to worry too much about people judging him if he didn’t get the reference, and as subtle as tags may seem, sometimes that’s where the most outright excitement can be found

Hulksmash: he’s noramally rather cool and collected, but when fandom strikes, all restraint goes out the window and the only way to express emotions is via massive keysmashes

Hawkasks: he sits back, but when he has a point to get a cross, he aims for it and asks away with precision

Black Anon: she’s watching you, but you don’t even know she’s there until she strikes, and even after your left wondering what happened, you have no idea who she was

Missing I: he’s the one who assembled the team

also Trollki, he just likes screwing with everyone >D

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